Outstanding food and cocktails. If u charge $13 for a mixed drink on the edge of a mid sized city - it better be good. These guys knock it out of the park with interesting but not zany ingredients that provide a unique take on traditional drinks. Menu is not deep / nor should it be since their selections are good reps of the farm to table stuff and solid takes on relatively to slightly upscale dining. Last but not least - the service is strong and friendly. The staff hustles but takes their time to make sure u are in good shape. I am glad I found this place and look forward to returning for biz.

— Peter Drummond - November 15, 2019

This space is absolutely beautiful, the service was fantastic and the wine selection (and food) was incredible.

— Shareé Phelps - November 15, 2019

Great good, great service and beautiful views of the city. What else can you ask for?!

— Antoine Juhel - October 11, 2019

With an unparalleled view and carefully selected menu, Noble Rot offers an intimate and curated culinary offering that nods to Portland’s variety of influences. Recommended from a friend, and what a great recommendation! Couldn’t find a better view of the city. I recommend the pinot noir vertical and the seared salmon. I also got the hamburger, which was served piping hot from the grill and absolutely delicious with the butter lettuce side salad.

— Mikayla Kim - September 27, 2019